Fantastic Mark Cocker feature on ‘The Listeners’

Nature writer Mark Cocker wrote a wonderful two-page feature on The Listeners in last Saturday’s EDP Weekend.

I particularly enjoyed his description of John Abrehart, the character who strides through the centre of the novel (though we never get to hear from him directly due to his untimely demise before the novel begins):

“This centrally absent figure, John Abrehart, is evoked piecemeal by his offspring as a crudely vigorous muscleman, who is at once a war hero and a sensitive country labourer steeped in rural mythology and the elemental life of the fields, but he is also morally flawed.”

As the EDP don’t always digitise their Weekend features I’m including a pdf link of the article (877 KB) here for anyone who’d like to read it in full. And many thanks to Mark for the wonderful write-up!


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